Creative Shooting Space / Studio


Our versatile 1,144 sq. ft. studio boasts an amazing film, video, and photo studio with various shooting options. In addition to the white CYC wall, we offer captivating backdrops and spaces throughout the facility, including a wood wall, a wood bar counter, a stylish paint kitchen, and a tiki bar set, all included in your rental.

This studio provides an abundance of natural light and the option to blackout the space completely. Furthermore, we operate as a comprehensive rental house, offering an extensive range of lighting and camera equipment for your production needs.

Our studio features a 1,000 sq. ft. White CYC wall pre-lit with Aputure RGB P300c Nova lights, allowing you to instantly transform the background into a green screen or any color of your choice. The studio's makeup/dressing room is connected to a charming Tiki bar in the back of the building, which can be added to your production for extra space or shooting opportunities.
Within the unit, you'll find conveniently located bathrooms and a full-service kitchen equipped with essential appliances, making it a versatile space for various creative projects.

We offer up to 8 parking spots, with two reserved for daily operations. Ample street parking is also available.
The studio features 8' x 8' garage doors for easy load-in and load-out, accommodating productions of all sizes.