ETC Source Four Leko 26°


Experience the power and precision of the ETC Source Four Leko 26°. This professional-grade lighting fixture is renowned for its exceptional brightness, energy efficiency, and unparalleled focus control. Designed for the most demanding lighting conditions, it provides a crisp, clear light output that can be precisely shaped and controlled, making it a favorite among event planners, theater producers, and concert lighting designers. With its unique 26° lens, the Source Four Leko offers a versatile beam angle, ideal for highlighting specific areas or creating stunning visual effects. The innovative cool beam technology extends the lifespan of your gels and patterns while its HPL lamp gives you more lumens per watt, saving you energy and money. Whether you're planning a theatrical production, concert, or corporate event, the ETC Source Four Leko 26° is the perfect lighting solution. Now available for rent, this high-performance lighting fixture gives you professional results without the high-cost commitment. Enjoy the flexibility of renting and the assurance of top-notch lighting with the ETC Source Four Leko 26°. Illuminate your next event with brilliance and precision.