Tilta Nucleus-M Wireless Follow Focus System


Package includes:
(1) Wireless FIZ hand unit
(2) Brushless wireless motors with 19mm rod support and 15mm rod bushings
(1) Right wireless handle
(1) Finger wheel
(1) Zoom toggle
(1) Left wireless handle
(1) Finger wheel
(4) Follow focus marking disks
(1) 74cm 7-pin to P-tap motor power cable
(1) 55cm 7-pin to 7-pin motor connection cable
(1) 18cm 7-pin to 7-pin motor connection cable
(2) Photographic lens follow focus adapters
(1) 18650 quad battery charger (batteries included)
(2) Handle to Arri Standard Rosette adapters
(2) Handle to gimbal bar adapters (compatible with 25mm/30mm rod diameters)
(1) Wireless FIZ hand unit strap
(1) Hard shell waterproof safety case